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Learn italian with me!

Ciao, my name is Desi Alessandrini, I was born in Trento and I teach italian as a foreign language since 1988. You can find some reviews of my work here and here. I have a Laurea in Lingua e Cultura Italiana per Stranieri and the DILS-PG, certificate of competence in teaching italian as a foreign language from Università di Perugia. I have also studied Philosophy and Photography. I love history, art history, literature, comics, cinema, themes that are an essential part of my courses.

In 2012, in Curitiba, Brazil, I opened my own school, Corso Brancaleone, where I offered language courses in which, since the first lesson – even for beginners – we followed collaborative study paths on Italian art and history. It was a great experience that made me meet so many people interested in going beyond the common language lessons. Now I live in Cagliari, Sardegna and I teach only online.

Through the programs Italiano+Arte and Italiano+Storia you can learn Italian and at the same time follow a discovery journey into italian history and/or art history. Working with images, maps and videos, we can explore Italy’s fascinating events and cultural heritage while mastering the italian language.

Since the first lesson you will be *using* the italian language and you will get in touch with authentic material even if you never studied it before. I work with all levels and learning purposes, like travel, studies, work and (inter)cultural growth. We can use a textbook and/or material specifically tailored for your needs. 

To schedule a demo lesson or if you have any questions, check my profile on Italki https://www.italki.com/desiales (If you don’t have an italki account yet, follow this link and win a $10 bonus that you can use with any teacher there) or send me an email (In some cases, I can do a better price outside Italki). You can write to me in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French.